Waterstone’s in Wood Green

This post hasn’t anything really to do the early modern history. But as dedicated readers of many books, I think we can appreciate the plea that follows!

Kumari Salgado of the Facebook group SAVE THE LAST DECENT BOOKSHOP IN WOOD GREEN! writes:

‘In far North London we have a tragedy on our hands in that they are closing the local Waterstone’s bookshop on Wood Green High Street and turning it into a clothes store.

This would be a complete disaster for the area. We do not need another clothes shop, mobile phone shop or fast food shop. Our kids need bookshops. We have started an online petition in the last few days which has already gathered over 350 signatures. We have also complained to the local councillors, Lynne Featherstone MP, the Mayor and alerted the local press. Wood Green High Street is already full of clothes shops and this is the only dedicated bookshop for miles around.

As you may be aware, Wood Green is an underprivileged area with quite a large ethnic minority population and it just seems that closing the only decent bookshop in the area will have a devastating effect. It does not seem to be an accident that Waterstone’s are trying to do this in the school holidays when we cannot contact local schools and colleges.

This is not just about somewhere to buy books. This is about supporting a place where mums can have a coffee while their kids browse the books and develop an appetite for reading at an early stage, where the staff are actually knowledgeable and helpful, where kids can meet local authors at signings which bring books to life. We will certainly be opposing this move to the last and contacting all the local papers.

We very much hope that Waterstone’s will reconsider. The link to our petition is below where you can read some comments from local people about this decision. Please sign it and forward on to your friends.


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  1. Too late – it closed a couple of weeks back. Now there is nowhere to find a decent book in Wood Green.

    I think Wood Greeners are only interested in buying cheap far eastern produced clothes and sportswear – books??? what on earth for!!