An Early Modern Rum Punch Recipe

When Dr Hans Sloane visited Jamaica in the late 1680s he recorded recipes for local delicacies.

Here, just in time for the Notting Hill Carnival, is his version of Jamaican Rum Punch – unfortunately he doesn’t give amounts but the basic ingredients are:

‘Rum, Water, Lime-juice, Sugar, and a little Nutmeg scrap’d on the top of it’.

Drink with care! This is the stuff that caused Captain Morgan (the same one you’ll see on a bottle of rum) and the Duke of Albemarle to drink themselves to death despite the best efforts of Dr Sloane in 1688.

And don’t let your servants near it as ‘they are easily fuddled with it’ and will ‘fall off their Horses in going home, and lie…whole nights expos’d to the injuries of the Air’.