Religious Culture in Early Modern Spain

The Golden Age and Renaissance Seminar: Religious Culture in Early Modern Spain
Saturday, 16 February, 11am – 6.30pm
University College London

Session 1: 11.30am – 1pm

> Amy Fuller (Manchester), Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s El mártir del sacramento, San Hermenegildo
> Tyler Fisher (Oxford), The Text as Honeycomb: Golden-Age Interactions between Poetics and Incarnational Theology
> Michael Rolfe (UCL), Lope’s Buddha: Barlaam y Josefat

LUNCH 1 – 2pm

Session 2: 2 – 4pm

> David McGrath (King’s and Manchester), Self-Flagellation and Mortification from Santa Rosa de Perú to Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza
> Anne Holloway (Queens University Belfast), The Potency of Pastoral in Early Modern Religious Lyric
> Francisco Bravo Vilar (Birkbeck) title to be confirmed.
> Janet Ravenscroft (Birkbeck), The virgin and the widow: picturing divinity and difference at the court of Philip II

TEA 4 – 4.30pm

Session 3: 4.30 – 6.30pm

> Terence O’Reilly (Cork) Contemplation and spiritual friendship in the “Carta para Arias Montano”
> Richard Tilbury “God is Spanish and fights for our nation”: El Sotillo (The Battle of Jérez, Zurbarán, 1638) – an expression of religious militancy during national decline
> Andrew Herskovits (UCL) The Judaization of Christianity in Felipe Godinez’s Ester plays
> Peter Tyler (Saint Mary’s University College) Unsaying and Unknowing in Teresa of Avila and Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Dr Alexander Samson
Lecturer in Golden Age Literature
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