EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and History of Science) Seminars

All meetings: Saturdays, 2.00-4.00pm: Stewart House, 2nd Floor, 32 Russell Square
Refreshments provided.

Programme, 2008-2009

4 October 2008: Room ST273

Sven Dupré (University of Ghent)
‘Material culture and the pursuit of natural knowledge in early-seventeenth century Antwerp’

25 October 2008: Room ST273
Ian Hunter
University of Queensland, Australia)
‘Cosmos and Jurisdiction in Kant’s Cosmopolitanism’

1 November 2008: Room ST273

Johannes Machielsen Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford)
‘Demonology 101? Magic and the University of Leuven’

6 December 2008: Room ST273
Stephen Pumfrey
(University of Lancaster)
‘Galileo, Liar: Theory Ladenness, Lunar Theory and the Lunatic History of “Galileo’s Last Great Discovery”’

10 January 2009: Room ST273
Aurélien Ruellet
Université de Tours)
‘Patterns and networks in the patronage of mathematics (France-England, 1625-1661)’

7 February 2009: Room ST273
Nicholas Jardine
and Natalie Kaoukji (HPS, Cambridge)
‘Wilkins’s enigmatic astronomical engraved titlepage’

7 March 2009: Room ST274
Adam Mosley University of Swansea)
‘Heaven on Earth: Cosmography and the Divine’

4 April 2009: Room ST274
Marcos Martinón-Torres (University College, London)
‘Hands-on research: early modern chymistry and modern archaeology’

2 May 2009: Room ST273 (Stewart House, 2nd Floor, 32 Russell Square)
Angus Gowland (University College, London)
‘Melancholy and dreaming in Renaissance learning’

6 June 2009: Room ST273 (Stewart House, 2nd Floor, 32 Russell Square)
Rob Ralley (HPS, Cambridge)
‘Climacteric years: astrology and ageing in early modern England’