Call for Papers: Time and the Early Modern

As 2008 winds down it seems appropriate to think about perceptions of time.

The Centre for Early Modern Studies in Oxford will have a conference on Time and the Early Modern: Measurement, Experience, Signification on 21 April 2009.

Call for papers: The aim is to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue across the Division and we hope that this theme will allow a wide range of responses. We propose to explore both conceptions of time in different cultures and the problems of periodization in current academic disciplines and the resultant difficulties – and possibilities – for interdisciplinary work. Topics might include: chronology and its visual representation, both in the early modern period and in contemporary chronologies of world history; millennialism; calendar reform; the iconography of Time; measurement of time; time and dramatic verisimilitude; chronologies and approaches to the writing of histories; time and narrative forms in literature; cyclical time and linear time across cultures; time and themes of decay; mythic time; concepts of modernity and early modernity. There will be a series of panels with presentations of c. 15-20 minutes.  Proposals for papers should be sent to David Norbrook by 9 January.