Palladio Exhibition at the Royal Academy

The first exhibition devoted to Andrea Palladio (1508–1580) to be held in London for over 30 years will celebrate the quincentenary of his birth. The Royal Academy of Arts will present large-scale models, computer animations, original drawings, books and paintings which will the full range of this exceptional architect’s output and his legacy, demonstrating why Palladio’s name has been synonymous with architecture for 500 years.

The Palladio exhibition opens on 31 January 2009 and continues until 13 April 2009. The RA is also offering a series of events including workshops and lectures.

For more about the exhibition and to find out about the accompanying events, click here: Palladio Exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition can claim a free bottle of wine at Carluccio’s restaurants when they present their tickets. See here for details and conditions.