New Bulletin Out Now!

The Summer 2009 edition of the Birkbeck Early Modern Society is out now!

Download (PDF, 746.47KB)

In this issue you’ll find reports on our recent events – lectures by Susan James on Spinoza and by Eliane Glaser on Cromwell’s readmission of the Jews. John Croxon visits Petworth House and Audley End and Karen Baston takes a trip to Linlithgow Palace. Barbara Wooding reviews Dido, Queen of Carthage at the Royal National Theatre and Timothy Alves explores the recent Van Dyke exhibition at Tate Britain. Robin Rowles views England, My England, a biopic of Henry Purcell. Meanwhile, Aunt Agonistes has some advice for Cyrano de Bergerac.

All this and a message from our president, book reviews, information about upcoming events,the summer quiz, and some stern words from Oliver Cromwell on the vices of the Parliament. It may have been 1653 but there is a curious feeling that it was only yesterday!