Conference Registration Reminder

There is no charge to attend our upcoming conference, but because we aim to provide lunch for speakers and delegates it would be helpful if you could register so that we have an idea of how many people to expect. Please return the Conference Registration Form to our secretary, Laura Jacobs.

Here is a reminder of the conference details:
The Birkbeck Early Modern Society
AGM and ‘Revolution and Evolution’ Conference

Saturday 25 July 2009, Room 532, Birkbeck, Malet St

09.30 Registration, tea and coffee in room 538

10.00 AGM

10.30 Stephen Brogan: welcome to conference, introductions, opening comments

10.40 Session 1: Chair: Sue Dale

Harman Bhogal, ‘John Deacon and John Walker: The Evolution of Demonological Thought in Early Modern England’

Stefania Crowther
, ‘Revolution and Evolution in the Publishing Marketplace at the Close of the Interregnum: The Case of Sarah Jinner’s Almanac and Prognostication’

11.40 Tea and coffee, room 538

12.00 Session 2: Chair: Nigel Carter

Kate Meaden, ‘Revolution or Evolution in Medicine’

Karen Baston, ‘Northern Newtonians: An Exploration of the Sources of Charles Areskine’s Theses Philosophicæ of 1704’

13.00 Lunch, room 538

14.00 Session 3: Chair: Robin Rowles

Steve Cornish.,‘The Buildings after the Great Fire: Evolution or Revolution?’

Rei Kanemura, ‘“Let Rome in this History be a Witness”: The History of Rome and the Late-Elizabethan Crisis’

Simon Moore, ‘Remembering the Revolution: Lucy Hutchinson and Country House Poetry’

15.30 Tea and coffee, room 538

15.50 Session 4: Chair: Timothy Alves

James Arnold
, ‘Fateful Harbingers: A Cultural Revolution on the French Operatic Stage, 1770-89’

Anne Byrne
, ‘Burying the King without Ceremony: Evolution or Revolution in the Funeral Rites of Louis XV’

16.50 Stephen Brogan, facilitate closing remarks

17.00 Wine reception, room 538

Each session consists of 2 or 3 papers, each of which is twenty minutes long; once these have been read there is then a further twenty minutes for questions and discussion.