Spam Hack Attack

Dear Early Modernists,

My apologies if you have received any strange messages pretending to be from this site. A spammer hacked in and registered as a user. This is part of an ongoing problem throughout Europe. See these sites to see what’s been going on: Pack a Camera and Technical Tidbits.

I have taken their advice and made the changes they suggest to try and keep the Intelligencer secure. Other Word Press users are strongly advised to do the same.

As with other Word Press users, I’m giving details about the attack to try and warn others.
The hacker/spammer in question on this occasion was:

Username: MikeWink

I apologise for any problems readers of The Early Modern Intelligencer may encounter.
Karen Baston

PS: Please read the comments below for lists of more spammers.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve had the joys of MikeWink too, I already had user registration confirmation installed on my blog though, so he just achieved a slightly pissy email saying “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO REGISTER ON MY BLOG RAGERAGERAGE. Thanks, Adam”

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