Mary Rose: Museum and Appeal

Winston Churchill reputedly summed up naval tradition as “nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash”, but a trove of objects discovered in the wreck of the Tudor warship Mary Rose suggests that one could also add “the latest fashions and personal grooming”.

Artefacts recovered from the remains of the vessel but never put on display owing to lack of space show that some of the men on board the flagship of Henry VIII’s navy possessed luxuries that would be considered excessive even by modern sailors.

A manicure set, a case for a vanity mirror, a “manbag” and a thigh boot are some of 18,000 objects that have remained in storage since they were recovered from the sea bed almost 30 years ago because the present museum in Portsmouth is too small.

The public will get their first opportunity to see them in 2012, provided that the Mary Rose Trust can raise the final £1 million it needs from a public appeal for the £35 million project.

Read the rest of the story from The Times here

Find out more about the museum and the appeal here:
Mary Rose Appeal.

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