Call for Papers: London Lives 1690-1800

Call for Papers: London Lives 1690-1800
5-6 July 2010, De Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire

A call for papers and short presentations (due 28 February 2010) for a two-day conference to mark the launch of:

This new website will provide access, using an integrated search facility, to primary sources containing 240,000 pages of manuscripts sources, and 3.2 million names, reflecting the history of eighteenth-century London. It includes the 18th century material from the Old Bailey Online; the manuscript records of quarter sessions, three London parishes, Bridewell, St Thomas’s Hospital, and the Carpenter’s Company; datasets from the Westminster Pauper Biographies Project; and several datasets formerly deposited with the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

For further details and submission requirements, go to: or contact Tim Hitchcock.

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