Captain Kidd’s lost treasure ship: Lunchtime Lecture at Museum of Docklands

Captain Kidd’s lost treasure ship
Thursday, 4 February 2010, 13:10 – 14:00

The wreck of what is thought to be Captain Kidd’s lost treasure ship the Quedagh Merchant was discovered off the Dominican Republic in December 2007. The ship, which Kidd claimed was carrying thousands of pounds of valuables, was hidden by the pirate in 1699, shortly before he was tried and executed at Wapping. However, the legend of the pirate’s treasure, has inspired both historians, writers and treasure hunters for centuries (Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island was inspired by the legend of Kidd’s hidden treasure). For over a year now, the wreck has been carefully investigated by a team from the Indiana University, led by Professor Charles Beeker. In December 2008, Professor Beeker gave a lively presentation on his team’s findings, and he has kindly agreed to return to the museum in February 2010 to provide the latest news on the ship, and explain how he plans to turn the wreck site into a living museum.

Find out more about the wreck here:
HPER Researchers Discover 1699 Captain Kidd Shipwreck.

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