Turning the Pages at the Royal Society

The Royal Society’s ‘Turning the Pages’ online gallery offers ‘high-quality digital facsimiles of manuscripts which replicate the physical experience of reading the original works as closely as possible’. Some software downloading is required but once that is in place you should have access to some treasures from the Royal Society’s collection. (There are three different programmes to try – hopefully everyone will find at least one that will work!)

Highlights include William Stukeley’s ‘Life of Newton’ which has been in the news this week, ‘The Constitutions of Carolina’, Richard Waller’s watercolours of English flowers and grasses, and samples of calligraphy and natural history drawings.

The Turning the Pages homepage is here: http://www.royalsociety.org/Turning-the-Pages/#.

Thanks go to Robin Rowles for this link. (I’ve not had a chance to try it out myself!)

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