Volunteers required for ‘British Printed Images to 1700’ website appraisal

Many of you will be aware of the British Printed Images to 1700 website (www.bpi1700.org.uk), an online library of printed images from early modern Britain that has been built under the directorship of Professor Michael Hunter of the History department at Birkbeck with funding from the AHRC. There are now plans to carry out an appraisal of this, and it is very much hoped that members of the Birkbeck Early Modern Society will be able to assist in this.

The primary purpose of this user engagement exercise will be to gauge responses to the bpi1700 website and database, thus making it possible to assess its effectiveness and plan further work on it. No preparation on your part will be required and it does not matter if you are not familiar with the bpi1700 website already. Lunch will be provided for all those who participate in the appraisal!

The exercise will comprise one-to-one interviews and a small focus group, and volunteers will be divided between these two activities. It will take place over a few hours on a single day. The date has yet to be decided, and will depend on volunteers’ availability. It could be on either the morning or the afternoon on Friday, 26th, Monday, 29th, or Tuesday, 30th March. At present, it appears that Monday 29 March is the most popular day, so the appraisal might well happen on that day, but this isn’t set in stone yet!

If you would like to be involved, please contact Paul Vetch at the Centre for Computing in Humanities, King’s College: this is located at 26-9 Drury Lane, WC2, which is where the exercise will take place. Paul’s email address is paul.vetch@kcl.ac.uk. When emailing him, please indicate which of the dates given above you could manage, and whether morning or afternoon or both. It would also be helpful if you could briefly indicate your status, viz., student (taught or research; part-time or full-time); lecturer; or other [please specify]. Please contact him by Monday, 8 March, so as to allow time for detailed arrangements to be made.

The bpi1700 website is an important, pioneering project and I do hope that you will be able to consider helping the team with their work.

Best wishes,

Stephen Brogan

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