History Carnival Reminder

The Early Modern Intelligencer will be hosting the next History Carnival on 1 November 2010. If you’ve read (or indeed written) some great blogging about history, we want to know about it. And just this once, The ‘Intelligencer will be travelling beyond the bounds of the early modern era – contributions from all eras of history are welcome.

What is the History Carnival?

The History Carnival is a monthly showcase of blog writing about history, usually held on the 1st day of the month. It’s hosted at a different blog each month to provide a variety of approaches and perspectives….

History is an enormously diverse field, and we aim for a wide range of blogs and subjects to be represented. We welcome suitable nominations from anyone with something interesting to say about history, ‘academic’ or ‘popular’: specialist topics, research, teaching, sources, debates and controversies.

Posts consisting merely of links or quotes from other blogs are not usually considered. Writing that engages with the past to discuss present issues may be accepted, but should include significant historical content and analysis. Factual accuracy and integrity in the use of sources are vitally important.

All nominations are vetted by the host of the edition, whose decision is final.

Please send your nominations via the form at http://historycarnival.org/carnival-nomination-form/.

More information about the Carnival at http://www.historycarnival.org and for future updates, you can also follow @historycarnival on Twitter and I very much recommend that you do so.

The current History Carnival is at Notes from the Field.

For an archive of past Carnivals see: http://historycarnival.org/category/posted/.

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