Tutors Needed Urgently: Goldsmiths Department of History

Goldsmiths Department of History is seeking to immediately appoint a Visiting Tutor or Tutors to convene and deliver two undergraduate courses (one early modern in content) as detailed below. Teaching will commence in January 2011. Please email your CV to Vivienne Richmond, stating which course(s) you are applying for and your relevant expertise/experience.

Closing date:
Thursday 16 December 2010, 10 am.
Interviews will be held on Monday 20 December 2010.

1. Art and Culture in the Dutch Golden Age
This course introduces students to the methods of cultural and visual history through an analysis of Dutch art and culture of the seventeenth century. The course will analyse the cultural conditions (religious and economic) for the emergence of new forms and genres of art during the period. It will focus on the relationship between art and the market and the innovations in patronage and choice of subject matter. The course will introduce students to Dutch culture, analyse the emergence of diverse centres of art production (Amsterdam, Delft and The Hague) and finally focus on the work of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

2. Weimar Germany: Culture and Society 1918-1933
This course examines the social, economic and political structure of the German Weimar Republic (1918-1933) and the causes of its breakdown. Beginning with the circumstances of military defeat and revolution which surrounded the creation of the Republic, the course will go on to consider the reasons for its almost endemic instability and eventual transformation into the National Socialist dictatorship. The course will analyse the economic dislocation which beset the Republic and the strain which this put upon its programme of social and political modernisation, along with the cultural crisis of legitimation which the Republic suffered for most of its existence. The final part of the course will follow the rise of the National Socialist Party to government in 1933 and the measures it took to transform the Weimar experiment in democracy into the National Socialist

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