CFP: Communities in Early Modern Europe, Sheffield, 15 July 2011

Communities in Early Modern Europe:
Big and Small Societies, c. 1500 to 1800
A one day conference Friday 15 July 2011

The organisers are pleased to announce this one-day conference to showcase the work of postgraduate and early career researchers whose research into early modern Europe relates to communities. They would like to encourage interdisciplinary approaches from across the arts and humanities and the social sciences. They are now inviting the submission of abstracts for this event to be submitted by 6 May 2011.

The early modern period has often been linked with the birth of the individual, of the cultivation and presentation of the Self. For instance, Matthew Johnson’s claims about the growth of private space as a reflection of this trend is frequently considered in studies of early modern dwellings. However, such ideas about the primacy of the individual mush be reconciled with the strength of various social groups in this period, such as the numerous religious communities resulting from the Reformation or the family; as Natalie Zemon Davis has argued ‘certain forms of embeddedness – most especially in the family – could assist in consciousness of self’. Therefore, the aim of this conference is to explore the concepts and discussions relating to communities and individuals in early modern Europe across a broad range of contexts. These could include:

The relationship of the individual with larger communities
“Community” versus “society”
Intellectual communities and the Republic of Letters
Religious communities
Sanctioned and unsanctioned communities
Local communities and sense of place
Families as communities
Doing community archaeology of the early modern period

Please submit abstracts of 250 words or less to Shannon M Kennedy.

The organisers hope to foster an atmosphere of constructive debate and feedback between presenters and delegates. For this reason all are welcome.

A conference timetable and booking form will be made available on conference homepage once presentations have been selected and speakers confirmed.

Please contact Shannon M Kennedy with any questions or concerns.

Found via H-Net and the conference homepage.

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