Birkbeck Early Modern Society Bulletin 20

The 20th Issue of the Birkbeck Early Modern Society’s official journal, the Bulletin – and the last under the red pen of our long standing Editor, John Croxon – is available now.

Some members may remember the early editions of the Bulletin – they were handed out at our events on whatever paper we could beg, borrow, or steal. John has transformed these early efforts into the publication you find today – 65 pages long, illustrated, online, and with a varied content that includes reviews and visits. John has visited more early modern sites than most of us and has always taken the time to write insightful reviews of his experiences for the Bulletin.

This special issue features all of the good things that John has developed over his years (!) as Editor. It is a tribute to him that the Bulletin has survived this long (and long may it continue).

The issue features:

Visits to Sudeley Castle (where he also demonstrates some Birkbeck history know-how!) and Hammerwood Park by John Croxon and an in-depth look at the architecture and history of the Royal Salt Works of France – now a World Heritage Site by Timothy Alves in ‘Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and La Saline Royale at Arc-et-Senans’.

Two very different Shakespeare productions are reviewed by John Croxon (who was less than impressed by a modern take on The Merchant of Venice) and Karen Baston (who enjoyed an open air presentation of The Taming of the Shrew).

Karen Baston has a go on a new website about witches – the WEWE Project.

Book reviews

John Croxon is pleasantly surprised by The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet but appalled by the lack of historical revisionism in Great Tales from English History: A Treasury of True Stories of the Extraordinary People Who Made Britain Great.

Fatal Colours: Towton, 1461 – England’s Most Brutal Battle, however, is ‘captivating’.

Karen Baston
follows the travels of Liberty’s Exiles and finds some answers to lifelong questions.

All of this and, of course, the Quiz!

Thanks, John!

Download (PDF, 2.19MB)

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