London Shakespeare Seminar Programme, 2012-13

The London Shakespeare Centre and Institute for English Studies are delighted to announce the programme for the London Shakespeare Seminar for 2012-13. This long-established annual seminar series provides a wide and significant intellectual/social resource for early modernists in the London area. All seminars take place from 5.15-7pm at Senate House.

15th October, Senate Room (Senate House, 1st Floor) – Chair: Gordon McMullan

· Jemima Matthews (University of Nottingham) – Renegotiating the Early Modern Thames

· Jennifer Young (King’s College, London) – Reading Shakespeare Through Collaboration: Nicholas Okes and Q1 King Lear

19th November, Chancellor’s Hall (Senate House, 1st Floor) – Chair: Sonia Massai

· Jonathan Holmes (Jericho House) – Inside out, outside in: the spaces of The Tempest

· Arne Pohlmeier (Two Gents Productions) – Two Gents and the Miracle of Performance

10th December, Chancellor’s Hall (Senate House, 1st Floor) – Chair: Russ Mcdonald

· Lena Orlin (Georgetown University & Executive Director, SAA) – The Private Life of William Shakespeare

28th January, Room 349 (Senate House, 3rd Floor) – Chair: Alison Shell

· Jenny Richards (Newcastle University) – Diagnosing the Body Politic in Henry IV:2

· Faith Acker (Sheffield University) – Ten Things We’d Change about the Sonnets: Readings from John Benson, Edward Capell, and Captain Picard

25th February, Chancellor’s Hall (Senate House, 1st Floor) – Chair: Ann Thompson

· Elizabeth Schafer (Royal Holloway) – Arguing (Politely) with Geoffrey Rush: The Merry Wives of Windsor

· Abigail Rokison (University of Cambridge) – Shakespearean Verse Speaking: The Actor and the Editor

29th April, Senate Room (Senate House, 1st Floor) – Chair: Hannah Crawforth

· Chloe Houston Mandy (Reading University) – ‘The Persians still worship the rising sunne’: Persian suns and sons in early modern English drama

· Rhodri Lewis (Oxford University) – Love in the 90s: Shakespeare on Affection and the Psychology of Misapprehension

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