CFP: Poetics and Prose Theory in Early Modern English, York, May 2013

Poetics and Prose Theory in Early Modern English

call for papers

29 May 2013, CREMS, University of York

A day symposium – Speakers include Gavin Alexander (Cambridge), Jennifer Richards (Newcastle)

Papers are invited (c. 20 minutes) on any aspect of early modern poetics and prose theory, in (or relating to) English writing of the period. Topics might include: how does rhetorical theory relate to poetic practice? Why do theorists of poetry, write defences, apologies and orations in praise of poetry? Was there ever any spontaneous overflow in the renaissance? Is there any early modern ‘prose theory’ in the way there might be said to be ‘poetic theory’? What conspicuously different kinds of prose (as opposed to prose subject matter) existed in the period? Is Renaissance ‘English’ poetics comprehensible without Renaissance Latin poetics?

Abstracts by 15th December (c. 250 words)

Contact: Kevin Killeen

This symposium is part of a diffuse and ongoing Thomas Browne Seminar that has digressed quite far:

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