EMPHASIS Seminars 2013-14

The EMPHASIS seminar on early modern philosophy and the history of science is held in the School of Advanced Study (University of London, Senate House) in Bloomsbury.  Conveners: Dr Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck, University of London): s.clucas@bbk.ac.uk  and Dr Anthony Ossa-Richardson anthonyossar@gmail.com

For the most up-to-date information on the seminar please consult the seminar website: http://ies.sas.ac.uk/events/seminars/Emphasis/index.htm

To be added to the EMPHASIS e-mailing list, please contact Dr Stephen Clucas: s.clucas@bbk.ac.uk

12 October 2013: Philipp Nothaft (Warburg Institute), ‘Early Human History and the Uses of Diodorus in Renaissance Scholarship’

9 November 2013: Crofton Black (Independent Scholar), ‘“So they vanished into their thoughts”: Archangelo Burgonovo on kabbalah and philosophy’

7 December 2013: Dario Tessicini (University of Durham): ‘Harmony vs. Unity: Giordano Bruno, Copernicus, and the abandonment of circular uniformity’

18 January 2014: Niall Hodson (University of Durham), ‘Henry Oldenburg as a Reader and Reviewer of Scientific Texts’

8 February 2014: Scientific Instruments in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Alexi Baker (CRASSH, University of Cambridge), ‘Craft, commerce and community: the “scientific” instrument trade in early modern London’.

James Everest (University College, London), ‘Thomas Hobbes’s Optical Instruments’.

8 March 2014: Nydia Pineda de Avila (QMW): ‘The Lunar Vale in Micrographia: competing selenographies in Robert Hooke’s engraving of the Moon’

5 April 2014: Jan Loop (University of Kent at Canterbury), ‘Polemical Use of Islam in Christian Religious Conflicts’.

10 May 2014: Daniel Stolzenberg (UC Davis): ‘A Spanner and His Works: Athanasius Kircher and the Republic of Letters’.

7 June 2014: Rob Iliffe (University of Sussex): ‘Newton, academic freedom and the perfection of the understanding as a religious obligation’.

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