European history 1500-1800 seminar at the IHR, London

Conveners: Philip Broadhead, Julian Swann, Peter Campbell, Filippo de Vivo, John Henderson, Joël Félix.  Mondays at 17.15 in Room G21A Senate House, Malet Street, LONDON WC1E 7HU.

Autumn 2013

11 November:  Dr Andrea Guidi (Birkbeck) ‘Record keeping and warfare in Renaissance Italy: the Florentine militia, from Machiavelli to the Medici’

9 December:   Dr Marc-André Grebe (Bielefeld), ‘An empire made of paper? The Royal Archive of Simancas and its function under Charles V and Philip II (1540-1598)’

Spring 2014

6 January:  Professor Donald Sutherland (Maryland), ‘’La semaine sanglante’. What happened after the Bastille fell” (Jointly with the Modern French History seminar)

13 January:  Professor Olivier Poncet (Ecole des Chartes), ‘State and notaries in Early Modern France: another way of social-disciplining?’

27 January:  Dr James Shaw (Sheffield), ‘Debt in Venice: Stories from the Archive, 1600-1700’

10 February:  Dr Phil McCluskey (Sheffield), ‘Echoes of the crusade in Louis XIV’s France’

10 March:  Dr Jon Smyth (Birkbeck)  ‘The search for a Republican morality: Robespierre and the Festival of the Supreme Being’

Summer 2014

19 May:  Dr Guy Rowlands ‘The business of war in the age of absolutism: entrepreneurs and the fiscal-military state in the reign of Louis XIV’

2 June:  Dr Silvia Evangelisti (UEA), ‘Gender and Missionary Discourses in Early Modern Spain: the case of Maria de Agred

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