Renaissance Loves

London Renaissance Seminar

9 November, 2.00pm-6.00pm
Room 124
Birkbeck College
43 Gordon Square

Ms Linda Grant (Birkbeck), ‘“Loved as no woman shall ever be loved again”: Catullus and the shaping of sixteenth-century English love poetry’

Professor Stephen Guy-Bray (Toronto) , ‘“Militat omnis amans”: Love as War in Renaissance Sonnets’

Professor Will Fisher (NYU), ‘“Seignor Dildo’s Adventures in Britain”: Sexual Instruments and Women’s Erotic Agency in England, c.1600-1725’

Professor Ian Moulton (Arizona), ‘Love in Print: Romance and the Book Market’

The organisers for this event are Linda Grant, Judith Hudson, Sue Wiseman. Contact: Sue Wiseman

The London Renaissance Seminar meets at Birkbeck College, University of London to discuss topics in the culture of the Renaissance. Anyone with an interest in the Renaissance is welcome to attend. Seminars are usually held in the School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square.

London Renaissance Seminar contact: Sue Wiseman
London Renaissance Seminar mailing list: T. F. Healy

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