Dr Angela McShane, V&A, ‘How Happy’s the State where no Discord is Breeding?’

The Politipop of Seventeenth Century England

Friday 23 May at Birkbeck room MAL G16 at 6.30

We are pleased to welcome back Dr Angela McShane from the V&A.

Dr McShane has kindly given us a abstract to whet your appetite:

In the fraught and divided religious and political landscape of seventeenth-century England, Protestant balladeers and publishers successfully used the fashionable music market in order to popularise and disseminate their religious views. But others chose the ballad, as a musical and material object, as a vehicle because it gave them scope to play on the trope of religious harmony, which most saw as essential to the orderly state. Whatever form they took, musical or satiric, Protestantism was the fundamental bedrock of 17th century broadside balladry; and as such – while melody was useful – and harmony an ideal – when music met politics, the word was paramount.
Come and join us for an evening of early modern political pop!
This event is free to members (membership £7), non members £4, refreshments will be supplied.

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