IHR Corporate History Semiar, 2014-2015

Finalised IHR Schedule, Corporate History Seminar, 2014-2015

All meetings will be held in the Wolfson Seminar Room downstairs at the IHR from 3 – 4.30 pm on the following Tuesdays.
Please contact Will Pettigrew (w.pettigrew@kent.ac.uk) with any questions or to confirm your interest.

7 October, 2014: Dan Carey, Galway: “A Corporate Mentality: Richard Hakluyt’s Design for English Navigation and Expansion, 1582-1600”

21 October: Chris Nierstrasz, Warwick: “In the Shadow of the Companies: The Dutch and English East India Companies and their servants, 1700-1800”

4 November: Simon Mills, Kent: “Early Modern ‘Exchanges’ and the Structures of Overseas Trade: the Case of the English Levant Company”

18 November: Leslie Theibert, Oxford: “Trade, Piracy, and the Spanish Expedition Shipping Company: Legalizing Smuggling in the Seventeenth Century Caribbean”

9 December: Edmond Smith, Cambridge: “’Investment and Community in the City of London: the Demographics of the East India Company’”

27 January, 2015: Jennifer Bishop, Cambridge: “”He wold be ashamyd that the wordys they spake shuld passe ther mowthys”: Regulating Speech and Language in the London Livery Companies, c.1550-1650”

10 February: Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art: “Reforming the Material Rituals of Early Modern Craft Guilds”

24 February: David Smith, Wilfred Laurier University: “The Attack of 1749: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Social Life of the Corporation”

10 March: Adam Grimshaw, St Andrews: “Interfering Interlopers’: Independent Traders and the Subversion of English Corporate Structures”

24 March: Misha Ewen, UCL: “”Freer Liberty”: The Virginia Company and Debates on Trade and Commerce’”

7 April: Tim Riding, Queen Mary: “Space and Sovereignty: The East India Company’s Early Settlements, 1600-1756”

12 May: Justin Brooks, Yale: “”Political Authority and the Transformation of Indigenous Alliances in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire, 1720-1783”

19 May: Rupali Mishra, Auburn University: ‘“The Thick of It: Institutional life and Political Culture in the Early Stuart East India Company”

Please e-mail w.pettigrew@kent.ac.uk to confirm intention to attend.

Will Pettigrew, Kent
Koji Yamamoto, Cambridge
Tristan Stein, Kent

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