Scoping Exercise: History of Richard Cloudesley

Richard Cloudesley’s Charity is an Islington based charitable trust, which was set up as a result of the will written by Richard Cloudesley in 1517. In his will, Richard Cloudesley gave 14 acres of land, called Stony Fields, to trustees for charitable and church purposes. There have been numerous changes over the centuries, but the ‘14 acres’ still forms the basis of the Charity’s capital and income. In Georgian times, houses were built on the Stony Field and the Charity still owns over 100 residential properties on the Cloudesley Estate.

Today, the Charity is governed by a Charity Commission Scheme of 1980 and gives grants to individuals in need, local voluntary and community organisations which support those individuals, and to 21 Anglican churches in Islington. The current annual grants budget is £900,000.

In 2017/18, Richard Cloudesley’s Charity will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the writing of Richard Cloudesley’s will. In the lead up to the anniversary, Richard Cloudesley’s Charity is looking to commission further historical research into Richard Cloudesley, his legacy and the Charity.

During 2017/18, the Charity intends to:
• raise the awareness of the Charity, Richard Cloudesley himself and his legacy
• organise a series of celebratory and educational events
• run education workshops for local children

The historical research will be used to underpin these activities.

Scoping Exercise
Some research has previously been carried out into Richard Cloudesley, his legacy and the Charity1 and Islington Local History Centre has also developed an archive of some historical documents relating to the Charity.

Initial discussions within the Charity suggested that the additional history work might focus on:
• Richard Cloudesley as a person; the writing of his will (See and
• Tudor poverty in the area
• History of the Stony Field
• A timeline of main events in the history of the Charity
• Some of the key outcomes of Richard Cloudesley’s legacy

Before finalising the brief for the detailed historical research, the Charity would like to commission a scoping exercise into available primary and secondary source materials and historic records on each of the above bullet points. The scoping exercise should be written up into a brief report which will enable the Charity to reach a decision on where best to focus the more detailed research.
The Charity is keen for the scoping exercise to be carried out as soon as possible, and preferably before 30 April 2016.

Researchers are asked to submit a brief written bid detailing the following in relation to the scoping exercise:
• Relevant experience
• Methodology to be used
• Number of days involved
• Potential sources and repositories of research material
• Budget for the scoping exercise
• Reporting format of scoping exercise

Bids should be emailed to Melanie Griffiths by 9.00am on Monday 21 March

For queries and any further details, please contact:
Melanie Griffiths
Richard Cloudesley’s Charity
020 7697 4220

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