Voicing the Void: Call for Contributions

Voicing the Void: An Illustrated History of the Monstrous Regiment A new illustrated history zine on ancient, medieval and early modern women is seeking contributions. From their Facebook page:

Voicing the Void challenges the way history is often told to us through the deeds of great men. Despite millennia of oppression and enforced gender roles, women have made incredible contributions, been principal characters in historical narratives of epic proportions, played roles that are jarring when put beside our postmodern assumptions that women did not have significant roles in history because they could not.

WELLLLL actually they did – history is just subjective and this is our platform for exploring that.

The contribution deadline is quite soon – 12 November– and they are looking for A5 black and white illustrated posts about historical women.

See their Facebook page or find them on Twitter to find out more about how you can contribute and contact details.

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